Monday, January 15, 2018

A Kind Of Christmas Letter/ Life Update thing.

I realized, recently, that I started this blog in 2010 when I was a sophomore in college... and I should probably just let this thing go.. lay it to rest or something. BUT, at the same time.. idk.. it's a nice little 'share-my-thoughts' avenue without a facebook post.

Anyways.. quick touch in since the last little blog diddy: Shane and I got married! Like.. almost 6 months ago.. but woot! ...woot? Do people even say that any more? I dk. 

I'm at this odd place in my life where I'm probably supposed to be a refined adult. Most people my age have a few kids under their belt and a house and things like that.

I have gray hair. Three of of them.. three hairs. I've given up pulling them out when I find them because I'm also somewhat suspecting I may be going bald.

Anyways.. marriage. Marriage is good! I recommend it to everyone. Weddings are also very fun!!! People should have more weddings. Not that the months leading up to our wedding didn't come with their fair share of trials and difficulties.. they surely did with a few things out of left field that left us baffled and bewildered. We survived, however, and spent a lovely week on a cruise ship in the Bahamas

We made friends with a dolphin. Dolphins are nice. We like dolphins. 

People should go on cruises. They're great! I super recommend cruises. Anyways.. That was months ago. Now is now! We live in Des Moines and find life to be an absolute thrill. We enjoy times we get to sneak out of Des Moines and see the stars and the sunset. When we stay in Des Moines we enjoy watching the sunset reflected off the office building across the parking lot from us. We watch people work late from our living room window and they watch us back. Usually if I see them look back, I close the shades. 

Shane does HVAC here in Des Moines and has grown his knowledge on installation. If you need any duct work or plenum or G20s installed.. he knows how. I'm not saying he has time.. but he knows how. He also, occasionally, will go back to help good ol' Graber Heating & Air so they don't forget he exists. (That's not true.. they probably won't forget he exists, but it sounds funnier that way). 

I continue to work at good ol' MetLife Investors in West Des Moines. At just over 2 yrs, its the most consistent life I've had since I was 17. It's something, for sure. It's a real gear shift to go from moving and changing schedules every year to doing the same thing every year. I was pleasantly surprised to find I've actually grown in my knowledge of state forms and requirements and rules and things. A broker challenged me on a thing and I knew enough to push her back and demand she follow the rules... in a nice way. I try to be nice on the phone, usually. You know? But! I've learned that the investment world is where people get pushed around and you want to be the one who does the first pushing. 

Besides that, Shane and I are figuring out our lives together. We were told that the first year is the hardest. We have so far had one disagreement on when is proper to show up for a basket ball game when warm ups are involved and also a disagreement on appropriate "lounge about the house when there are house guests" attire. While I will admit that both discussions lasted entirely too long (probably at least 15 minutes) I wouldn't consider them to have been especially difficult, so I haven't yet come to believe that the first year should be especially hard. However, we are only 6 months in and maybe all the trials are in the second half. 

We have fallen into a steady routine with our chores and responsibilities. The most wonderful surprise I had when we got married was that all of the sudden, my laundry basket would magically become clean and all the things hung up and put away. When things I needed would go missing, it generally meant they were just put where they belong.

When I was 13, I went through a brief phase of keeping my room clean and my laundry done every week on the button. It was.. short lived at best. My sweet, sweet husband, however, is very keen on making life easier by doing things right away (What a novel idea), and thus, before I even notice there is laundry to be done, it is already cleaned and put away.

No worries, though, I will resume the laundry thing when I have become a mother who stays home all day and delights in laundry and cleaning things. (Actually, I'm quite worried for motherhood some days as I'm hardly able to keep my OWN life in order, I shall be very curious to see if I could manage some other little life on the side). 

Anyways, in the theme of learning to be an adult, Shane and I did an adult thing and bought a new car! Well.. kind of a car. 

I'm not entirely sure what it is.. it has as many seats as a car but it looks like a van. 

But! It's all-wheel drive and it makes me feel very at ease when it comes to all the snow and slush on the roads these days. Shane's faithful Dodge Intrepid with just over 225000 miles on it is for sale on Craigslist.. You may buy it if you want. It has a little hole where a buck shoved its antlers into the hood and a little crack in the coolant pump.. but it's a good little car.  It has a 100% rate for attracting a permanent spouse if you need one. Not that I was attracted to his car first.. but I'm a Dodge kinda girl, I didn't mind that the man had an intrepid. Anyways.. So it was natural we got a Dodge Journey. 

That brings us all to now. It is January and usually sub zero. It is during this part of the year that I have to remind myself that not all of life is dismal and depressing. I usually come to this time of year wondering if I'm behind in my whole life or not. Wondering if I should be living where I live and working where I work and all the things. Of course, this year I have a kind husband who listens to me question all the things and encourages me to hang in there, maybe take up painting again or learn a new hobby.

In the meanwhile, We look forward to going on a grand adventure at the end of the month. We are going to Oregon to get better acquainted with the 10 nieces and nephews I inherited along with Shane's sisters and brothers in- law while we put reality on hold for a little.

We have short list of mansions and museums and things by the coast to do, but we will be rather content to just sip warm things and make pleasant conversation from the comfort of their homes. A little break from the everything in life will be rather a delight, I'm sure. 


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